Instrumental music teachers and instructors - 12 September 2018

As we head into term four, discussions will commence on end of year concerts and 2019 circuits, so the QTU believes it is timely to recall the working conditions for instrumental music teachers and instructors as prescribed in section 15.2 of the award.

  • Rostered duty time of an instrumental music teacher/instructor will be 30 hours per week.
  • Rostered duty time will commence no earlier than 08:00 and conclude no later than 16:00.
  • An instrumental music teacher/instructor will not be required to conduct for more than seven hours in any one day or commence duty more than once on any one day.

Under Clause 15.2 (c), the maximum time spent on incidental duties will be:

  • 20 performances per year outside rostered duty time
  • five days (equivalent) of music camp attendance
  • eight in total parent support and parent/student recruitment meetings.

As planning for graduation and other end of year concerts is underway, members are reminded that there are no expectations to conduct multiple concerts in the one school or across a circuit where such a schedule would lead to a breach of award conditions.

Uploaded 12 September 2018


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