Term three reporting - 29 August 2018

As we approach the end of another busy term, it is important to reflect on the mandatory reporting requirements teachers and schools are required to follow each year, as set out in the department’s P-12 curriculum, assessment and reporting framework.

This policy document outlines that schools must offer two written reports and two face to face reporting (parent/teacher interview) opportunities each year.

Some schools provide brief written reports at the end of terms one and three, but these do not form part of the mandatory reporting framework, and as such should be subject to consultation at the school level via the LCC.

Members may also find it useful to refer to the Joint Statement on the Purpose and Use of Data in Queensland Schools, which provides information on recording and reporting of data, what the report should cover, and who the audience will be for data collected.

As some parent/teacher interview sessions will be scheduled late this term and early in term four, consideration should also be given to maximising the opportunity for parents to engage with the school while still managing teacher workload. Some members who have caring and other responsibilities may not be able to be present for scheduled parent/teacher afternoons/evenings. In these cases, members should negotiate arrangements to meet with parents at a different time.

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