Teacher-aide entitlements - 13 March 2019

The support of a teacher-aide can be invaluable in the early childhood classroom. But how is this support allocated?

As a result of state government initiatives, since 2018 all prep classes should attract a full-time teacher-aide for up to 25 hours per week. This commitment is equivalent to one hour of teacher-aide support per prep student. Teacher-aide support is calculated on a pro-rata basis, i.e. 23 teacher-aide hours per week for a class of 23 students. 

If you have no teacher aides, despite working with a prep class, in a special education program/facility, or with students with disabilities, relief is to be provided immediately.

Primary schools are eligible for teacher-aide hours in accordance with the primary schools – teacher-aide indicative allocations table. Some of this teacher-aide allocation can be used with prep and prep/one classes. It can also be used to provide teacher-aides for playground duty. 

If you are not receiving appropriate prep teacher-aide support, discuss it with your Workplace Reps with a view to raising it at your LCC. Further assistance can be sought from your local Organiser, if required.

Uploaded 13 March 2019


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