November marks the annual WWAM (Workload, Wellbeing and Assertiveness Month), a time for members to come together and discuss issues in preparation for the next school year. FInd the space in your work day/week/month to touch base with each other about some of the issues below and what you can do to address them.

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Reps resources

Use the links below to download Rep resources including: Two promotional flyers for noticeboards; WWAM centrespread from October 2018 Queensland Teachers’ Journal; Four articles from Thea O’Connor; Three Journal articles; Six editable word documents for meetings and discussions.

ALL wwam rep docs (includes all PDF docs below)
1 WWAM Union Rep kit - document list.docx
2 WWAM flyer 2018.pdf
3 WWAM flyer thea 2018.pdf
4 WWAM Oct 2017 Centrespread - A4 or A3 -printable.pdf
5 WWAM Thea - Prepare your business case for wellbeing.pdf
6 WWAM Thea - Psychology of self-care.pdf
7 WWAM Thea - The early years of your career.pdf
8 WWAM Thea - Thinking of retiring.pdf
9 Journal - managing excessive heat at school 03.pdf

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