State election 2017

State Election 2017

QTU state election claims 2017

These claims were adopted by QTU State Council on 26 August 2017, after six months of membership discussion and consultation.


Weekly wrap up

State election - track records in government

How have the previous ALP and LNP governments performed?

LNP-ALP record comparisons

What members say...

Policy overviews

We examine the policy platforms re schools, TAFE and industrial relations of the ALP, Greens, KAP, LNP and ON as published on their respective websites

Statement re One Nation's comments about teachers

The Queensland Teachers’ Union calls for an immediate and unreserved apology from Steve Dickson and One Nation...

“Rescuing TAFE” phase two: ALP TAFE election announcement

QTU members have a stark choice at this state election, and today’s announcement by the ALP of a major infrastructure package is an important second phase of the bid to rescue TAFE commenced in 2015.


ALP response to QTU State Election Claims

LNP response to QTU State Election Claims