March 2012 - January 2015


February 2015 - current

  • Failed to sign up for needs-based federal funding under the Gonski model (and referred to that model as a “Conski”); failed to distribute federal funds on a real-needs basis under the “Great Results Guarantee”.
  • Increased Queensland Government funding to state schools by .01% in 2012, .90% in 2013, and 1.93% in 2014.
  • Closed six state schools after a botched and shortened public consultation process, ignoring current enrolments and likely population growth: the closed schools were Nyanda State High School, Toowoomba South State School, Charlton State School and Old Yarranlea State School (all since sold by the LNP), plus Fortitude Valley State School and Stuart State School.
  • Proposed selling off three school ovals before capitulating after public backlash.
  • Opened two schools (already announced under the Bligh government): Northern Beaches State High School and Pimpama State Secondary College.
  • Established the Queensland Schools Planning Commission to prioritise where new schools would be needed – but refused to distinguish between the need for public or private schools.
  • Moved responsibility for procuring school maintenance to P&Cs.
  • Funded full-time teacher-aides for 536 prep classes (152 in 2013, 384 in 2014. The announcement was 150 TAs per year for 4 years).
  • Closed the Barrett Centre which provided mental health and education services for adolescents.
  • Stopped funding the Queensland School for Travelling Show Children.
  • Cut all funding to a wide range of education programs, including Fanfare and MOST (Musically Outstanding Students).
  • Implemented a transparent student-needs based model of distributing federal funds under “Investing for Success” (I4S).
  • In the 2017 State Budget, committed to $246m in I4S funding for 2018 to give schools some certainty, despite great uncertainty in the federal sphere.
  • Increased Queensland Government funding to state schools by 5.45% in 2015, 5.23% in 2016, and 7.14% in 2017.
  • Opened the Cairns Special School, established four new primary schools and began planning for six new secondary schools (three to be open by 2020) and retained the former Fortitude Valley State School site (closed by the LNP) for a new state secondary school.
  • Provided additional funding for state secondary school infrastructure to accommodate the six full cohorts by 2020.
  • Provided centrally funded IT support for state schools, a first for any Queensland government after having been a QTU state budget priority since 2012.
  • Provided funding to boost STEM partnerships and programs in state primary schools.
  • Undertook the Review of School Administrative and Support Staff (RoSAS) as part of a four-year $102 million commitment.
  • Committed to an annual maintenance budget of 1% of the asset base, providing more certainty and avoiding maintenance backlogs.
  • Funded full-time teacher-aides for prep.

• Committed to creating a new Barrett Centre.
• Committed to continue the Early Childhood Development Program (ECDP).
• Restored funding to Fanfare and MOST.