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WWAM: The truth about … collegial engagement

The collegial approach to improving pedagogical practice is built on trust, respect, honesty and consistency

Enshrined in the Joint Statement on Collegial Engagement in Classrooms, it is a collaborative approach designed to provide collegial feedback to teachers to assist reflection on, and improvement in, their professional practice.

Under the joint statement, the process is not about assessing teacher performance, is entirely separate to the procedures for MUP, and is not intended to prevent the ad hoc involvement of school leaders in classroom activities. 

Classroom observations and walk-throughs are not supervisory and are not used for appraisal. The data collected should only be used to support teacher development, and should inform practice, not drive it. 

It is an area that can provoke uncertainty and misunderstanding, so to help dispel any confusion over what collegial engagement is, and what it is not, the QTU has prepared a handout putting the record straight, which you can find at

Uploaded 29 November 2017

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