30 Nov 2012 : And the uncertainty rolls on!

22 Nov 2012 : TAFE matters

QTU President Kevin Bates comments on how the release of the “Valuing skills: why vocational training matters” report confirms the unique and valuable role that TAFE institutes play in providing public VET. Read more here ...

19 Nov 2012 : professional pay vs performance pay

14 Nov 2012 : How COAG lends support to Gonski, TAFE and VET

The public release of the COAG Reform Council’s report <strong>Education 2011: Comparing performance across Australia </strong> provides compelling data on two major issues currently facing QTU members

6 Nov 2012 : TAFE report raises questions

Uncertainty remains in TAFE and Vet sectors after release of the final report of the Queensland Skills and Training Taskforce

26 Oct 2012 : World Teachers' Day

Letter to the editor re World Teachers' Day

23 Oct 2012 : Three parts to the education partnership

Education is not solely the responsibility of schools ... read more

17 Oct 2012 : Credit where it's due ; alarm where it’s warranted

9 Oct 2012 : New EB7 Offer – Members to decide

21 Sep 2012 : No, Minister; no, Minister; no, Minister; no, Minister; yes, Minister

The QTU President responds to some of the "odd" comments made recently by the Education Minister John-Paul Langbroek

18 Sep 2012 : Uncertainty, not autonomy, remains the issue

12 Sep 2012 : No slur meant on hard working P&Cs

10 Sep 2012 : Our TAFE is in their hands...

There is much reason to fear for the fate of both TAFE and the schools sector under a Newman LNP Government.

6 Sep 2012 : It’s not good enough for the Catholic teachers, and it’s not good enough for you

Senior Officers of the QTU will be addressing strike meetings today to give our full support to teachers struggling for a fair deal in the Queensland Catholic education system

27 August 2012 : Upstairs Downstairs Queensland style

Not even in the darkest days of the waterfront dispute and WorkChoices has any government in Australia given itself the power to unilaterally change the remuneration and working conditions of an individual employee or group of employees...read more

23 August 2012 : Industrial action - is it a valid strategy in 21st century negotiations?

QTU members across the state are today beginning our first protected industrial action ballot under the new industrial relations regime created by the Newman LNP Government. It is timely to remind ourselves of the validity of the age-old strategy of industrial action as an element of negotiations....

6 August 2012 : Unions 101

19 July 2012 : Cuts sound a new low note for Government

12 July 2012 : Dear Premier, women can negotiate too

QTU President Kevin Bates responds to the criticism this week by the State Government over attendance at negotiation meetings.

9 July 2012 : Letter to Editor in response to comments by the Government regarding EB negotiations

In this letter to the editor Deputy General Secretary Kate Ruttiman responds to comments by the Government regarding the EB negotiations.

29 June 2012

Dark days indeed for many public servants

25 June 2012

3 Sep 2012 : Which governments give a Gonski?

The QTU President looks at the highlights ... and lowlights ... of the Prime Minister's announcement on the implementation of the Gonski review's funding model.

15 June 2012

Teachers, principals, and all the other staff who keep our schools running throughout Queensland are clearly in the frontline of ... service delivery.

12 June 2012

To reduce a graduate’s chance of working in their chosen profession to a one-off test after four years of study is insulting at best, and career-destroying at worst.

1 May 2012

QTU President Kevin Bates comments on the renewed media interest in NAPLAN following the release of The Courier-Mail's "schools guide" and the launch of the national "Say no to NAPLAN" campaign.

27 April 2012

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16 Feb 2012

QTU President Kevin Bates comments

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