19 April 2013 QTU President's comment

We won't give up on Gonski

QTU-Gonski-Rally--kbates.jpgIt is disappointing, but hardly surprising given the political posturing, that today’s Council of Australian Government’s meeting failed to reach agreement on a national adoption of the Gonski school funding reforms.

The lack of action puts at risk an extra $3.8b in funding for Queensland schools from 2014 to 2019. That money could be used by schools to overcome educational disadvantage for their student populations in many ways: by funding innovative teaching methods to assist literacy, numeracy and extension activities; by allowing the employment of more teachers, teacher-aides and specialist support staff; by paying for more and better educational resources including IT equipment.

The list of benefits is as long as schools’ current list of needs – so it is a very long list indeed.

The QTU and everyone else in this country who cares about the future of our students will continue to push for the urgent adoption of the Gonski funding model. Together, we can still make it happen.

Kevin Bates