19 April 2013 : QTU President's comment

Doesn't work in Florida - won't work here

GTGR-300.jpgQTU members continue to question the value and practicalities of the Queensland Government’s proposed new regime for the state’s school teachers and principals, released (with no consultation and via the media) on 8 April under the banner “Great teachers = great results”.

More than 150 questions from QTU members were presented to the non-LNP MPs who responded to the QTU’s invitation to attend our rally on Wednesday, 17 April (the LNP declined our invitation).*

A common theme in these questions, and in comments still coming in to the Union from members, is to ask how the proposed ranking of teachers on a scale from one to three would work, and on what criteria the evaluation would be based.

Given that this Government proposal would have a massive impact on current and future teachers’ careers, they are fair questions, which the Government urgently needs to answer.

The experience of education professionals in other countries is illuminating. In Florida this week, the National Education Association sued the state education department over its teacher-evaluation procedures, including the use of standardised test results to evaluate “performance”.

As reported in Education Week, NEA President Dennis Van Roekel said teachers across the USA were “fed up with flawed evaluation systems being pushed by politicians and corporate education reformers”.

The article is worth a read, and shows how important it is that your questions about the Queensland Government’s plan are answered.

Kevin Bates

*The questions were tabled in Parliament by Independent Member for Yeerongpilly Carl Judge on 18 April.