9 June 2016

Modern Award Made

We are pleased to advise that after many months of negotiations we now have a modern TAFE award. The TAFE Queensland Award – State 2016 was made by the Full Bench of the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission this morning. 

The award captures the provisions of the pre-modern awards and also protects entitlements that had previously been delivered by Public Service directives. These include the temporary to permanency conversion and a number of leave provisions and allowances. 

The modern award is a vast improvement on what would have applied to TAFE members had the Newman-era award stripping been successful and improves significantly on the draft first proposed by TAFE Queensland when the modernisation process began back in January. We have worked hard, along with our union colleagues from Together and United Voice, to get the best possible outcome for our members and we are satisfied that the Minister’s Request, that sought no reduction or erosion of conditions, has been achieved. 

To view the new award, please see the QTU website at: http://www.qtu.asn.au/tafeqaward2016

When will the new modern award begin to operate?

While the TAFE Queensland Award – State 2016 will have a “commencement” date of today, please note that due to the operation of s824 of the Industrial Relations Act the modern award will not apply until a new Certified Agreement is finalised. 

In the meantime the pre-modern awards, the TAFE Teachers’ Award – State 2012 and the Senior College Teachers’ Award – State 2012 will continue to apply. 

Practically this means there will not be a change to your existing entitlements.

Enterprise Bargaining

Now that the modern award is made, the hurdle preventing us from beginning bargaining for a new Certified Agreement is gone, and we are keen to commence negotiations. We understand TAFE Queensland is also keen to begin. Anticipating this, members have already been asked to provide their input into our EB log of claims, and we wish to thank those members and Union Reps who have already submitted their ideas. 

TAFE Council meets this weekend, and the issues to be included in the log of claims will be discussed then. 

If you have suggestions but have yet to share them, please do so before noon tomorrow, Friday 10/06/16. To do so please use the link on the QTU website at www.qtu.asn.au/tafe-loc-suggestions, or email tafe@qtu.asn.au

 Authorised by Graham Moloney, General Secretary, Queensland Teachers' Union