QTECTraining.gifThe Queensland Teachers' Education Centre (QTEC) is responsible for the coordination, planning and delivery of the Union's member education and training program.

The Union offers a range of training opportunities for all members of the Union in Brisbane and regional areas. Topics such as LCCs, knowing your working conditions and effective negotiations are included in a program of afternoon seminars which are advertised through workplace union reps and on this website.

QTEC also provides training to administrators, area council delegates, women activists, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members, TAFE and new educator members.

The Union's commitment to new teachers is a priority and is a strong focus of the training program throughout the year. These conferences and courses provide opportunities for new teachers to contribute to Union priorities and directions.

QTEC Covid-safe plan for face-to-face events

Contacting the Queensland Teachers' Education Centre

For all enquiries contact Madonna Cullinan and Natalie Meyer, QTEC Coordinators on 07 3512 9000, fax 07 3512 9050, email 

The Union offers a range of courses and seminars focusing on supporting its members by developing skills in the areas of negotiation, conflict resolution, campaigning, public speaking, assertive communication and many others. QTEC includes training and professional development sessions for:

  • Union Reps
  • Women Activists
  • Administrators
  • Area Council delegates
  • School & Branch Activists
  • New Educators
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members
  • TAFE Activists
  • Associate members

Online training

  • Please contact QTEC Coordinators  Madonna Cullinan and Natalie Meyer with enquiries about online training: or 07 3512 9000


Courses on offer

Union Reps

QTEC conducts training afternoons for new reps and experienced union representatives.

Union Reps (Advanced)

This popular training session is open to Union Reps who have previously completed an introductory course and for reps who wish to update their skills and awareness of current union campaigns.

The content includes campaigning, workplace negotiations, conflict management and others.

Union Reps Conference

The aim of the conference every year is to bring together as many QTU reps as possible to plan campaigns and develop strategies as well as to provide an opportunity for reps from around the state to get together.

Women Activists

Afternoon forums are conducted for women activists with guest speakers and senior officers facilitating. Training sessions are organised by the QTU Women’s Officer and focus on women teachers working conditions, anti-discrimination and harassment, legal protection for teachers, women in the QTU and women in leadership.

Administrators training

These afternoon sessions are held in Brisbane and regionally for principals, deputy principals, HODs, HOSESs. The program includes current issues and campaigns as well as legal issues for educational administrators.

A professional conference for Education Leaders is held annually in Brisbane.

Area Council Training

This course is for area council delegates / proxies and aims to skill area council delegates in the operations of the union.

In Brisbane, this course is held on a Saturday morning followed by lunch and combined Area Council meetings for six Area Council groups, however this format may vary in regional areas.

The content covers issues such as members’ rights and entitlements, report writing, organising branch-based campaigns and strategies on increasing Union involvement.

New Educators

New educator events are conducted in Brisbane and regions including an annual new educator professional conference, held in Brisbane.

All new educator programs cover a number of issues effecting new teachers, including working conditions and entitlements, the role and operations of the Queensland Teachers' Union, legal issues, induction and probation as well as behaviour management.

In 2012 the QTU established a new educator network (NEN) group with new educators from all regions of Queensland forming part of the NEN group for that year. In 2013 and 2014 additional new educators were nominated to be part of the NEN group. This QTU initiative is to involve new educators in important areas of the union’s activities and planning. Training for NENs includes public speaking and activism and advocacy skills.

TAFE Activists

TAFE activists training is available in all areas of Queensland and focuses on issues of relevance to TAFE, TAFE structural issues, campaigning, using the media, recruitment, role of the Union Representative and current issues.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander conference

A biennial conference conducted by QTEC on behalf of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members is scheduled for Brisbane in 2019.

QTU Associate Member support

The QTU provides support to Associate Members through university visits as well as delivering programs on areas of importance to new teachers. These include the benefits of Union membership and their industrial and professional rights.

Glen Pearsall, an author of several books on classroom behaviour, conducts sessions in November each year for students in their final years of education training. This seminar has been run by the QTU for a number of years and is very successful. It provides a high level of support to our third and fourth year associate members on classroom management.

QTEC statewide

The Union is committed to the provision of services and training for members statewide, including those in rural and remote areas. Course materials are available for use anywhere in the state. All QTEC courses are facilitated by organisersand Brisbane-based officers in conjunction with QTEC to meet the needs of our members statewide. 

As well as providing training for QTU representatives, afternoon seminars and forums for all members are held in many areas in Queensland. These seminars focus on women's issues, superannuation, teachers and the law and new teachers.

QTEC Schedule - Semester Two, 2022

QTEC Schedule - Semester Two, 2022


Date Location

Promotion Panel Training

Wednesday 30 November


Please note that the above dates are subject to change.

For further information contact Natalie Meyer/Madonna Cullinan QTEC Coordinator, Phone 07 3512 9000 or email

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