Healthy, wealthy and wise

The QTU will continue to work with its sponsors, TUH and QSuper, to provide members with resources to assist them in engaging in healthy practices, physically, psychologically and financially.

Resources will be available to members to assess whether or not they are “super” fit and to participate in activities provided by TUH.

The QTU is also working with a wellbeing coach to provide members with some simple steps on looking after their mental health.

Health and wellbeing 


The QTU has been working with health and productivity writer, presenter and coach Thea O'Connor on a series of videos and articles providing members with some simple pointers on how to look after their emotional and mental health.

Topics include: How to avoid a personal energy crisis; Remember to breathe; Rituals to open and close your day and Planning for times of high workload.

FinFit with QSuper

Improving your education can make a real difference to your financial situation. QTU members can now access QSuper’s online learning platform, FinFit. With a range of different modules to choose from, and the opportunity to learn at a time and pace that suits you, FinFit is sure to help you gain a healthier understanding of your finances. And it’s not just super – topics include money management, preparing for retirement and family finances. Explore the modules and start learning more today.