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TAFE EB10 Bulletin no. 20, 19 September 2019

QTU TAFE Division votes to accept EB10 offer

QTU TAFE Division members have voted to accept TAFE Queensland’s EB10 offer, including the revised salary offer.

98 per cent of votes cast in the QTU’s online ballot were in favour of accepting the offer tabled on 2 September, with 66.2 per cent of eligible members taking part. The voter turnout was the highest in any of the online ballots the QTU conducted during the EB10 campaign.

After the close of the ballot, QTU TAFE Executive met and carried resolutions, including:

  • THAT QTU TAFE Executive endorse the result of the QTU member ballot and, in consideration of the overwhelming vote in favour of acceptance, formally accept the revised TAFE Queensland offer of 2 September 2019.
  • THAT QTU TAFE Executive authorise Senior Officers of the QTU to communicate the results of the ballot, and the QTU’s acceptance of the 2 September offer, to TAFE Queensland.
  • THAT QTU TAFE Executive congratulate QTU members of the TAFE Division for their active engagement throughout the EB10 campaign as the support for industrial action and wide-spread involvement in the actions had a significant positive impact on the achievement of the revised offer from TAFE Queensland.

Next steps

In accordance with the resolutions of QTU TAFE Executive, the QTU has written to the CEO of TAFE Queensland to advise that QTU members have accepted the offer that was tabled on 2 September.

Once the QTU and Together Queensland have formally accepted the offer, TAFE Queensland is required to conduct its own ballot of all employees who will be covered by the new certified agreement. This ballot will occur after the final draft of the proposed agreement has been concluded by the negotiators and the proposed agreement is published for members to consider. If the revised offer is accepted by members in both ballots, the employer is required to lodge the new agreement with the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) for certification (approval) before the agreement can be put into effect. We anticipate that TAFE Queensland will lodge the new agreement some time in November or early December.

Sign-on bonus and backpay

After TAFE Queensland has lodged the agreement with QIRC and it is certified, educators will receive a one-off bonus payment of $1,250 (pro-rata for part-time and casual), as well as back pay to 1 July 2019. This was one of the final concessions made by TAFE Queensland in its offer.

Visit the QTU website to see how the new salary structure will impact on you.

 Authorised by Graham Moloney, General Secretary, Queensland Teachers' Union
21 Graham Street,Milton, QLD, Australia, 4060

QTU TAFE Division members have voted to accept TAFE Queensland’s EB10 offer, including the revised salary offer.
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Timelines for ballot process for TAFE Q members
A final decision on acceptance of the offer lies with QTU TAFE Division members working in TAFE Queensland.

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