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BlackCard’s cultural capability training will assist teachers in supporting Aboriginal students and their families in a more meaningful way, by increasing their knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal Culture, history and Aboriginal English. Cultural capability training is delivered by BlackCard’s experienced team of educators and elders. 

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BlackCard is a 100% Aboriginal owned and operated business. Its programs are informed and guided by Aboriginal terms of reference and are based on all the knowledge that Aboriginal people have accumulated, developed and have practiced over the many thousands of years.

Participants will deepen their knowledge of Aboriginal perspectives and learn to apply skills that improve their cultural capability to engage more effectively and strengthen relationships with Aboriginal people. Teacher resources and pedagogical approaches that align with the Aboriginal Terms of Reference and the National Curriculum will also be unpacked during the full day program.

This program is ideal for any teacher seeking to develop their skills relating to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers descriptors 1.4 and 2.4, including those working towards Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher Certification.


Please note: Numbers for this course are strictly limited.

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The presenters

Yarraka Bayles Headshot.jpegYarraka Bayles descends from the Wonnarua and Bundjalung nations of NSW on her mother’s side and the Birri Gubba and Gungalu nations of QLD on her fathers side. She was born on Gadigal country in Sydney and grew up in Redfern in the 80’s then moved to Brisbane in the early 90’s where she now resides with her 3 children and grand daughter who were all born on Yuggera country in South Brisbane.

Yarraka has over 20 years experience working in both Indigenous and non Indigenous organisations throughout NSW and QLD and has won awards for her art and media achievements.

Yarraka has facilitated workshops and presented at numerous conferences and events across the country, dedicating her life’s work to improving the quality of life for First Nations people by learning from her elders and sharing her knowledge and experiences to help raise more awareness about issues affecting First Nations People on a global scale.

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Henry Nona
Henry’s up bringing was on Badu Island. Helater relocated with family to Cairns. The primary language spoken at home was “kala Laga Ya – western island and Creole” both fluently spoken.

When communicating with other Islanders who don’t speak the same language, creole will be spoken to best understand each other.

Henry was taught both custom and culture by his parents and grandparents with the importance of carrying on the knowledge and passing it onto others, especially the next generation.

Currently, Henry is employed by Qld Health. Nine years as a Cultural Capability Officer delivering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander components to staff. This position also provides advice and recommendations regarding Aboriginal and Torres Strait practices in the workplace. Staff are educated on the cultural differences between urban, rural and remote communities.

Recently Henry travelled with Palliative Care Qld and UQ as a consultant to Torres Strait Islands.

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