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The face-to-face programs that will be offered in various locations during 2023 include:

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BlackCard - Webpage.pngBlackCard Cultural Capability training

Full day Cultural Capability programs developed by Aboriginal Elders and educators. 

These programs aim to build cultural knowledge and support teachers to work more effectively with First Nation students, parents and community members. They are ideal for any teacher seeking to develop their skills relating to APST descriptors 1.4 and 2.4, including those working towards HAT or Lead teacher certification.

Trauma.pngReconnecting to learning – Understanding trauma

These programs target a deep understanding of how early trauma, abuse and neglect can impact the developing brain. 

Our presenters Kellie and Rebecca have extensive experience in working with complex trauma cases. Both presenters have trained with the Child Trauma Academy in the USA and utilise evidence-based approaches to re-engage children and to build skills in teachers and school leaders alike. As school leaders, they have specialised in working with children who are disengaged and display extreme behaviours, many of whom have experienced trauma. Both have also been foster-carers for high-needs children, and have a wealth of experience to draw on. 

CPA.pngClassroom Profiling

Two and three day programs developed and delivered by the Classroom Profiling Association Inc.

This confidential, voluntary and non-judgmental program is a highly effective teacher reflection tool that focusses on student engagement in the classroom. Classroom Profiling - Level 1 enables profilers to explore and become comfortable with the processes, protocols and resources of Classroom Profiling. Those trained will be able to profile and facilitate a professional reflective conversation with colleagues around effective classroom management pedagogy and student engagement.

If your school or cluster is interested in hosting a fixed price course for your staff, please contact for further details.

Essential Skills for Classroom Management [ESCM]

A one day program developed and delivered by the Classroom Profiling Association Inc.

For over two decades, the Essential Skills for Classroom Management have assisted teachers and their assistants, in Queensland schools, develop effective management strategies which result in more time spent teaching and learning, enhancing student engagement and teacher efficacy. 

This professional development opportunity focusses on teacher strategies, planning and actions that develop positive and respectful relationships with students through the establishment of safe and supportive learning environments.

HAT LT.pngHighly Accomplished and Lead Teacher training

An introductory program and intensive program to support members in learning about and working towards HAT or Lead certification. 

These FREE professional development sessions aim to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to create your application portfolio.  Experienced Assessor and Moderator, Rebecca Hack will workshop approaches to collecting, collating and annotating evidence as well as understanding the descriptors. These workshops are different to the sessions offered previously by the QTU and the Department.

Springfield Tech Centre Quest Shape Website.pngTeacher reskilling program -  ITD, CAD and STEM

Delivering full and half day weekend programs developed by Springfield Tech Centre. 

Springfield Tech Centre has been training adults in a variety of practical courses for the past 6 years. They offer Introductory Metal and Woodwork skills for teachers and more advanced Metal and Woodwork skills for teachers. These are delivered on weekends to accommodate people who work during the week. These programs are run by experienced ITD teachers with extensive knowledge.

Logo shape - webpage.PNGTRUE - Rainbow Matters

Delivered by Kristine, a qualified teacher who has experience in early childhood, university and non-government organisation settings.

This workshop draws on research evidence to identify risk and protective factors for student wellbeing and aims to increase awareness of the important role educators and school-based staff play in supporting students and how this can be achieved through inclusive practices that are respectful of diversity.  The information provided in this workshop is relevant to all school settings.

Wellbeing - Quest Shape Website.pngSupporting Teacher Wellbeing

Full day program presented by Dr Julie Bower, an educational consultant and an Honorary Research Fellow at The University of Queensland. She is also a registered teacher and training consultant. 

This workshop will assist individual teachers and teaching groups to understand the science behind well-being and the role of social emotions in working collaboratively with colleagues. This introductory workshop will provide time and space for teachers to unpack their own well-being at school, to understand the foundations of social and emotional competence, and become more mindful in their teaching. Participants will work on an emotional health toolkit with strategies to take away that can be easily applied throughout their teaching day.


Applying Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination in Schools

This FREE three hour course has been developed for school leaders by the Queensland Human Rights Commission. 

It aims to raise participants’ understanding of the Queensland Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 and the Queensland Human Rights Act 2019 through an overview of the key legal concepts and responsibilities under each Act as well as the functions of the Queensland Human Rights Commission (QHRC).

Behaviour management for early career teachers - shape.pngBehaviour management for early career teachers

Behaviour management workshop 

This program is designed to give teachers a comprehensive insight as to why students ‘misbehave’, and practical, everyday strategies to create a positive classroom environment.

The major emphasis of this program, is on preventative teacher practises that minimise and reduce challenging behaviour.  This course also highlights strategies that enable teachers to respond more effectively to the challenging behaviours that occur in most classrooms.

Vocal health for teachers logo - shape.pngVocal health for teachers

Voice care for teachers workshop

This voice workshop for teachers explores how teachers can care for and protect one of the most vital tools of their teaching trade – their voice! Vocal injuries are a serious workplace health and safety issue and are quite common.  This workshop aims to empower teachers with a deeper understanding and insight into their own voices, and will explore how to conserve and protect the voice.

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